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Does this sound familiar?  We work hard all week trying to manage the increasing patient load, the staff demands, the pressures of running a successful practice....AND try to find time to spend with our family and friends?

Wasn't this our dream to "have it all" when we were working hard in dental school?  Then why do we feel so worn out and exhausted all the time.....what's missing? 

I'll tell you what's missing girl...giving yourself some time for YOU!  A critical part of preventing burnout and providing balance is making the time to take care of yourself.....just like you take of everyone else's needs. So, why not start NOW and start rewarding yourself for all that you do.  Give yourself something that you KNOW each month is guaranteed to bring a smile to YOUR face, reignite your passion for dentistry and join a community of female dentists who will make you feel connected, understood and cared for.

We are all about three things:

  • We love dentistry.

  • We love to laugh and smile.

  • We LOVE to get gifts in the mail.

If you are a female dentist and feel the same way...

then THIS is the subscription membership for you!

What exactly is this membership?


The Bright Box and The Teeth Tees Club!!!

Each month we will highlight a specific theme and color palate that will feature coordinating and cohesive items.  EVERY MONTH IS UNIQUE!  So, if you don't join this month....you won't be able to order this month's box again in the future. We have created three original subscription memberships available for you to choose from:

  1. THE BRIGHT BOX - A monthly subscription box filled with 5-10 items that celebrate our love of dentistry with a specific theme of the month.
  2. THE TEETH TEES CLUB - A unique and custom designed tee shirt that shows off your love of dentistry and coordinates with that month's themed box.
  3. THE VIP COMBO MEMBERSHIP - Can't decide which one you like better?....Join them both and be one of our VIPs!  Not only do you get both the box AND the tee shirt each month at a discounted rate...you'll get inside access to exclusive deals and promotions.


How Does This Work?

Step 1: You Choose

Choose one of our monthly subscription plans:  The Bright Box, Teeth Tees Club or both by joining the VIP Combination Membership.

Step 2:  We Curate

We come up with a completely original box and custom dental tee shirt each month with a fun theme filled with goodies that include accessories, gifts, food and wellness items.

Step 3:  You Enjoy

Your Bright Box and/or Teeth Tee Shirt will ship around the 10th of each month. Do a little happy dance and share some pics when your goodies arrive.  We love to see you with your new dental swag!

Why Customers LOVE us?

The Brighter Life for Dentists was founded by a female dentist JUST LIKE YOU who has made it her passion to make sure that female dentists feel understood, celebrated and proud to be the exceptional dental professionals we are.  Where else can you find exclusive designs and unique products for dentists delivered directly to your doorstep?  NOWHERE!  So, we've got you covered girl.  With us, it's just one click and you're all set!

The Brighter Life for Dentists Subscription Membership

Click on one of the options below to JOIN NOW!

Now taking memberships for our May 2021 box which is #DentalQueenBee

You will be charged right away for your first box to guarantee a membership spot, and recurring payments will continue each month unless you notify us of cancellation of your membership.
NOTE:  We typically try to ship out your box by the 10th of the month.  If you join AFTER the 10th of the month, your payment will go to the next month's box.

Member Testimonials


Previous Month's Boxes

September's Theme:  #DentalBossBabe

Everything you need to get you through your work day...to have you looking good and feeling good. Here's a teaser of a few of the items and this month's custom tee shirt.

October's Theme:  #Keeping Me Caffeinated

We can all find the fall months a little sluggish with back to school and a slow down at the office.....so this month we are focusing on all things to keep us drilling, filling and billing!!! 😁

November's Theme:  #MyOralAnxiety

November's theme is all about finding ways to de-stress from the pressures of working in dentistry.  At times, anxiety relief requires levity, laughter and sometimes profanity helps too!😝

December's Theme:  #WarmandFuzzy

December's theme is all about embracing the cozy comforts that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside that we choose such an extraordinary profession.

January's Theme:  #Let'sGetPersonal

January's box is all about celebrating you!  Your uniqueness, your style, your goals for 2021 and simply being DENTABULOUS!

February's Theme:  #SelfCareSolutions

February's theme is all about self care items to make you feel amazing.  Sometimes we need a reminder that we should take care of ourselves like we take care of others.

The Brighter Life for Dentists Subscription Membership

Click on one of the options below to JOIN NOW!

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What are you waiting for???

You will be charged right away for your first box to guarantee a membership spot, and recurring payments will continue each month unless you notify us of cancellation of your membership.  

Boxes Currently Available

September 2020: #DentalBossBabe

October 2020:  #KeepingMeCaffienated SOLD OUT

November 2020:     #MyOralAnxiety SOLD OUT

December  2020:     #WarmandFuzzy SOLD OUT

January 2021: #Let'sGetPersonal

February 2021:  #SelfCareSolutions

March  2021:     #MySweetTooth SOLD OUT


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