“Rants from the Dental Operatory...bringing smiles to those who bring smiles to others.”



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Does this Sound Familiar?

We work hard all week in dentistry trying to manage the long hours,  unreasonable patient demands, the pressures of trying to fit in all emergencies, get that impression perfect or struggling to get a PA on #16 of a severe gagger???....ALL THE WHILE why trying to keep a smile on YOUR face???

I hear you girl.  Working in dentistry isn't easy some days and I am hear to tell you that you are NOT alone.  But....if we can't cry at it...we can laugh at it... and here is a way to celebrate your love of dentistry while treating yourself to some cute custom items every few months.


Introducting the Rants from the Dental Operatory Quarterly Subscription Box made just to make YOU smile!


What is this Subscription Membership?

This is a subscription box created exclusively for dental professionals because we LOVE dentistry, we LOVE to laugh and smile and we LOVE to get gifts in the mail.  Each quarterly box we will highlight a specific theme and color palette that will feature coordinating and cohesive items. 


How Does This Work?


Step One:  You Join

 Choose to be one of our subscription plans members and start getting excited for your dental-themed box of goodies to arrive in the next quarterly box. (Boxes ship out in March, June, September and December unless otherwise specified.)


Step Two: We Curate

We come up with a completely original box each quarter with a fun theme filled with goodies that include tee shirt, sticker and coordinating accessory. 


Step Three:  You Enjoy

Your Rants from the Dental Operatory Box will ship around the 10th of the month for that quarter's box. Do a little happy dance and share some pics when your goodies arrive.  We love to see you with your new dental swag!

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What Will I get in each Box?


Each box you receive we create a unique unboxing experience for you.  Our themes are fun and topical and our products are useful and trendy.  You will receive a custom designed tee shirt, die cut sticker and coordinating accessory item.  Check out below our featured shirt arriving in your FIRST Rants from the Dental Operatory box this March 2022!!!

ATTN DOCTORS:  If you are ordering multiple boxes for a subscription for your team, please order one box under your name.  After successful sign up, please immediately email me the total number of boxes you would like to have sent each quarter to your office with the team member names and tee shirt sizes.

Email me at [email protected]

Quantities and sizes are limited so any changes to office orders need to be finalized 2 weeks before the boxes are shipped out.  All Sales Final.