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Have you ever found yourself working so much for your career that you've lost sight of what it is exactly, in reality, that's really important to you?  Your family and happiness or just a paycheck? I know this happened during my dental journey and as result, I suffered professional burnout.  I thought for sure work had ruined me but then something happened...something amazing! Now when I'm at the office, I can more easily take care of things without feeling overwhelmed by deadlines or putting off personal stuff. Life doesn't have to be a battleground where we're constantly fighting against ourselves--we deserve balance and happiness


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Hi I'm Dr. Anne

...but my friends call me Annie Mac...and from here on out, you and I are going to be great friends. 😊  See, I know what it feels like to try and "have it all" while slowly losing all of you.  I am here to help you stop feeling stuck and give you clear action steps to start living your brighter life.  You CAN conquer your feelings of frustration, of being overwhelmed and believing that you are alone in these thoughts...because I've got you girl!  I SEE YOU because I WAS YOU!  

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Very few outside of healthcare understand the true extent of the emotional and physical toll endured by dentists. We are committed to providing resources from community support, courses in burnout and a fun subscription box uniquely curated for women dental professionals to revive your light and reignite your love for dentistry.

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Coming this fall our break though series "Burnout is a B*tch" will begin where we will learn together, laugh together and light our way to a better more balanced life.

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Love getting presents each month?  The Brighter Life for Dentists has a monthly subscription box curated exclusively for women dental professionals who likes a little self care with a dental flare.

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Maybe you're not at the stage where you're curled up in your bed, wearing the same yoga pants all weekend fighting those Sunday night blues...just DREADING going to the office on Monday morning.  (Or maybe you are, and full judgement here girl...been there, done that.)  But I think we all face times in our career where we wonder, "Is this what I dreamt being a dentist would really be like?"  Maybe you've found satisfaction, but at what cost?  Did you find yourself neglecting your health, your relationships, your own happiness?  Perhaps you just want to reset your priorities to find more balance in work and life. Take a look at the questions below and if you find yourself answering yes to any of them, this is the place to be girl!  Wherever you are in your journey, The Brighter Life for Dentists can help you.




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Check out my blog "Rants from the Dental Operatory" where I articulate, analyze and agonize over the not-so-great parts of being a dentist.

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Feel like a career in dentistry has taken so much from you...but left you with nothing left to give yourself?

Burnout in Dentistry is REAL and the first thing to know is...YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  When I suffered burnout, I felt shame, helplessness and loneliness.  But that's not going to happen to you girl!  I am creating a comprehensive, engaging and funny course called "Burnout is a B*tch!" where I will teach you how to reignite your spark for dentistry, life and YOU!

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